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Shaved Zombie "beginner" strop

Wow... That makes me feel /really/ good :D Thanks, John!
I received this strop this morning in the mail, unsure about what to expect, as the manufacturer is a rather self-effacing gentleman. :001_smile We had discussed what dimensions I would like and I asked for something longer and wider than my current commercially bought double sider.

What I unpacked was a length of gorgeously finished hide, treated to a wonderfully dark, smooth shine and outfitted with hardware that would surely be a centrepiece in any barber's shop. One end sported a thick, beautifully polished stainless steel D-ring and a swivel clip on the other that that probably would not tether a Clydesdale but would likely do nicely for any task short of that. This is all held together by super heavy-duty mounting hardware that will undoubtedly outlive me.

What possibly makes this for a "beginner" I can't really say, unless he means that it's only the leather, without a canvas. It surely isn't missed. I don't know what secret treatment was used on the leather but it rendered the surface seemingly glass-smooth. I wasn't sure what the effect would be on either my 5/8 Klaas or my 7/8 Issard.

Wow. The glass feeling turned out to have the perfect amount of tooth to draw. The extra width made it perfect to draw either x-wise or heel lead, whatever suits. It turned both razors into smooth gliders that whicked hair off without drag or complaint from either blade.

If I understand correctly, this is an early effort. The ONLY evidence of this is a slightly unburnished edge, only very slightly less smooth than my commercial strop. With this as an example, we have yet another reason to shop right here. I would recommend these units to anyone who wants an affordable, easy to use, high performance strop for all their razors.


Best Regards,

- John
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