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Seiko SNK807K2 Military Watch

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I bought this watch off of an Ebay vendor about a month ago. It took about a week to get it and I have been wearing everyday since. I am thoroughly satisfied so far but read below for more info.

Price: This was $54 dollars including shipping from Singapore. There are cheaper ones listed but you have to pay shipping. Make sure you do the math to get the best price.

Quality: After 3 weeks it has performed very well. It does seem to gain about a minute a week but this is not a big issue with me. It is listed as 21 jewels and the watch and band seem to be quality materials.

Value: YMMV but I think this watch is a good value for a self-winding watch. If you are not going to wear it everyday you might want to look into an auto winder and this would cut into the value somewhat.

Durability: This is the first watch I have worn in over 3 years. I am a hands on type of guy and have ruined a few watches forgetting to take them off. So far this does not show any signs of wear. I like the woven nylon band. It has a little give to it and looks like it can last a long time.

Fit and Finish: The watch is small for a man's watch but not so small it will be mistaken for a ladies watch. The background of the face is a navy blue with white luminous hands and numbers. It also has a day and date display. The band is also navy blue and is darker than it looks in the picture. I gave it a 3 because it is not a flashy dress watch but a nice everyday watch.

Packaging: I gave the packaging a 2 because it came bubblewrapped in a plain shipping envelope. It was packaged well enough to keep it safe in shipping but there was no case or directions with it. Although it is easy enough to figure out how it works without directions.

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Its likely not possible to time a mechanical watch pefectly, I think they are deliberately made to run slightly fast. Then you can't blame the watch for making you late!:001_rolle:

I love this watch, Its been my daily wear watch for years. I have worn out three bands wearing this watch.

I found the leather bands to be much less "itchy". My watch must be the black dial version.
Couldn't resist replying even though I do not own one. The statement "seems to gain a minute a week" needs comment for those unfamiliar with mechanical (i.e. non-battery operated (quartz) watches). The slight loss (or gain) of time is normal and unavoidable in mechanical watches due to friction in the gears. (Quartz watches do not have this problem because they run on electricity. The reviewer added that the gain in time was not a big deal, but many people complain about mechanical watches "keeping crappy time", so I thought a clarification would be helpful.

Glad to hear the watch works well.
An excellent entry level mechanical watch. Seiko is well known for offering great value. I much prefer a mechanical watch over a quartz any day. They simply have a "soul" that can not be matched by a quartz. Enjoy it.

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