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Since I am the first to review this product, I will try to be as thorough as others have. I received this product, along with the matching shower gel and AS milk, as part of a prize from winning an email contest that Sue ran. It is the first of her products that I have tried, but it will not be the last.

Price: It was free! I got just a refill puck, not in a bowl, but generally I don't buy the bowls. I have some cheap plastic ones that I pick up from the container store.

Quality: It was a great soap. I got a great shave with it. Honestly, I thought it lathered as good as the more expensive soap I own (L'Occitane Cade).

Scent: I am horrible at this. But to me, I was reminded of egg nog. I loved it. It is a nice, warm scent. I was a bit worried, because the word spice brought to mind Old Spice which brought to mind old. But this was a great scent. No sharp scents in it. Just mellow and soothing.

Lather: This does have a steeper learning curve than other soaps I have tried. I honestly couldn't get a good lather worked up in a bowl with my C&E best badger. But, when I switched to just lathering on my face, it literally exploded on my face. Nice thick lather, and more than enough for the 2 passes I normally do.

Efficacy: I thought it worked great on my face. I am not yet experienced enough to distinguish a lot of the subtle differences between products. For me, it either does what it should and gives me a smooth shave without any razor burn, or it doesn't. This one did.

Moisturizing: My face didn't feel at all dried out after using this. Some soaps have done that.

Overall, a very fine product from a company that tries hard to keep their client base happy, from everything I have seen. Like I said, with that scent that reminds me of egg nog, I think I have a good Thanksgiving and Christmas shave coming up, combined with that AS milk!

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The scent did strike me as egg nog/cake mix ~ something food related.

Not one for me. Otherwise the soap was decent.
Price: $6. Let me say that again......$6. Nuff said.

Quality: Just had my first "true" shave with it.....not a sample.....and I have to say in terms of quality it seems like the best of all the soaps I've tried so far. Very well made.

Scent: I didn't really get an "egg nog" scent like some of the other guys. The only way I can describe it is a creamy sandalwood musk. If that makes any sense. Very sexy and manly.

Lather: Oh wow!!! I love this lather!! So smooth. Silky. Soft. Protective. Long lasting. I could go on and on!! Great stuff.

Efficacy: Once I opened this soap I couldn't resist getting a quick shave in. No prep, just water on my face for a moment. Gave me a DFS with just two passes!! No irritation or anything.

Moisturizing: I only knocked it down 1 for this. I rinsed my face off and towel dried. Didn't use any after shave or balm. My face started feeling a little tight after about 10 mins. This just means my next order is going to be the New Spice after shave splash!!

Overall: This is my new favorite soap in my rotation hands down! When you add a great price, great product, and fast shipping there's really nothing else a man can ask for in a shaving product. I can't wait to try the other soaps!!
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Weird...my wife smelled it and said "egg nog" too!

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