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Schwarzweisskeramik Small scuttle

I'll add my critique before it gets buried in the General Shaving Discussion thread. It rates a perfect score from me because it does everything it is supposed to do.

Schwarzweisskeramik Small scuttle
I both used and tested the Becker (Robert's Ceramic Feats of Clay) Small scuttle; Georgetown Pottery G5 scuttle; Moss Large scuttle; Schwarzweisskeramik Small scuttle; Dirty Bird 1.5 scuttle.

They all work well, and the final decision should be a matter of personal taste. I heated 3 cups of water in my microwave oven for 4 minutes for a temperature of 165 degrees F. The water is then poured into the scuttle to test heat retention.

Note: if this looks familiar to you, it is similar to the scuttle used by Chimensch in his 30th Anniversary shaving video (Shaving Mugs and Shaving Scuttles by Ansgar of Schwarzweisskeramik). His is the large, and the scuttle we are examining here is the small version. FYI, "Schwarzweisskeramik" translates into Schwarz (Black) - Weiss (White) - Keramik (Ceramics) .




Fast Facts:

* Purchase Price: $95.00
* Purchased from: Mama Bear's Soaps
* Special features: large spout area can be used to wet the brush (nearly 2" wide, 1 1/2" deep), lathering area 4" wide,
* Reservoir capacity: 15 ounces
* Primary strength: wide brush wetting area and wide lathering area
* Primary weakness: highest price among those evaluated by a substantial margin

Heat retention (165-degree water initially introduced into scuttle):

* After 5 minutes: 145 degrees F
* After 10 minutes: 139 degrees F
* After 15 minutes: 133 degrees F
* After 20 minutes: 130 degrees F
* After 25 minutes: 125 degrees F

Dimensions of scuttle:

* Height: 4"
* Base width: 2 3/4"
* Width on top: 5 1/4" (7 1/2" with spout)
* Inside diameter of lathering area: 4"
* Depth of lathering area: 2 5/8"
* Texture of lathering surface: concentric circles at the bottom (smooth along the side).
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