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Schick Protector Blades

Hi data,

Was just perusing the blade reviews to see what DE's I'm going to be buying next.

But I got a schick quattro sample in the mail the other day, and it has a similar design (with the wires) to the blade you're reviewing. It might be worth a try if you haven't experienced it already. I thought it was alright. I was rough with it, and it didn't cut me but there was a little irritation...

These are the best blades for anyone who has sensitive skin. It protects you from cuts and nicks and gives you a great shave. The blade lasts at least 10. Any other blade simply cuts up my skin and I bleed profusely. Not so with Schick Protector blades. The 10 little wires that cover the blades provide just the right protection while allowing you to get a great shave. Unfortunately, they do not make these blades any longer but you can still get them from 1 or 2 places on the Web.
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Smoothness of Shave
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