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Saint Charles Shave- Bleached Wood

I am actually intrigued by this scent, based on the name alone. I think of driftwood on the beach, bleached by the sun...warm/dry/salty air/sand and of course...wood.

Is this it at all? What is the scent?
The shaves I get from Saint Charles Shave soaps are some of the best of my wet-shaving career. I'll just go down the list....
Price: at $6 you can't get much better for a puck of soap. At least not soap of this quality.
Quality: Fantastic. Sue and the SCS folks know what they are doing. Incredibly slick lather, with a great thick feel to it.
Scent: this is really the thing that sets the soap apart. The name sounds terrible to me. When I hear "bleached wood" I think "Clorox and lumber," but that isn't it at all. It's a very warm, pleasant smell. Good for all ages. The only reason I knocked it down a point was that I felt it could be a little lighter. It isn't all overpowering or anything, but I prefer lighter smells.
Lather: As I said before, its a very nice lather. Super slick, and easy to whip up. I have trouble lathering the likes of MWF sometimes, but this is cake.
Efficacy: This soap does just what it is supposed to.
Moisturizing: The only area that I found even a little lacking. This soap didn't hydrate my skin the way some others do, but it does a great job of keeping the moisture you do have, in your face.

Overall: This soap has one of the best Quality to Cost ratios in the business. I love the SCS!
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