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Royal Warranty Pure Badger Brush

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Truefitt & Hill Royal Warrant, Ebony
Loft = 53
Knot = 23
Handle = 47
Pure Fan $30

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Pros: Inexpensive, Good Quality
NOTE - Again there is something wrong with the site. At the top it says I WOULDN'T recommend this brush AND I would.This brush came free with a sample pack of their shave creams. Entire kit = $36. A very good deal that includes the $30 brush.The brush itself is made well. It is a very floppy brush; might be tough to use with soap.It lathers very well and doesn't shed. The density is minimal but that maybe because of it's small size and that it is their bottom of the line Badger?It is very, very soft. In fact it is so soft that it almost feels like a Silvertip. I was very surprised about this.This is a very fine brush if you don't want to spend a lot.If there Pure is this soft, I can only imagine what their Silvertip must be like.
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