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Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

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I am very surprised that no one seems to talk about Rive Gauche when B&Bers love Barber Shop themed stuff. This EDT is the best of it genre. Period. And sorry, but no YMMV applies. (ok everyone is entitled o their own opinion). The most usual reference is that it smells like Barbasol, but it is that and then more. It somehow reconciles the concepts of classic and modern. Is as refined as a dandy :c6: (I think of it as the Anteus for 20 and 30 y.o.) and yet it screams confidence when used right: it just states “Woman, come here and kiss me damn it:a20:” and she obeys… Ok, that may just work with my GF but it sure works. Older women also love it. This EDT has a prominent Anise note and I while I hate that smell on any other fragrance, it gives RG a drydown like no other scent out there. You will hear it is an oriental-woody-fougere fragrance. A step up of Old Spice, it lasts all day and it smells clean. It makes you feel like you just shaved 5 min ago, heck it make you feel with BBS all day long… ok I am exaggerating but this fragrance blew me away! The packaging is pretty much a can (tin, aluminum I do not know) that is simple and great. i gave it an 8 because I want to remain objective :lol:
Price: 20 dls… Are you kidding me?! I would pay 5 times more for it.
Buy one, thank me later.
Go to basenotes and read the reviews. They describe it better than me.
Who needs niche when you have YSL (and Guerlain hehehe).
Review it here but discuss it here

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Get this STUFF!!

You know, I like a lot of different things....

This stuff is a must have. I really don't know how to review it any other way. It is the staple of everything I want out of a scent.

It's pretty manly, but not too much. I don't wear it every day...but..big But...I wouldn't be without it in the rotation.

This is the one that reminds you of your manhood. Gotta wear it once or twice in every rotation....

My dad wore old spice, I wear old spice...that's the feel....but Rive Gauche is class. Old spice with class.....all I gots to say about that!:w00t:
5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
Staying Power
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Quality of Atomizer
5.00 star(s)
I am of two minds on this stuff. It has grown on me, but I wasn't a big fan at first. I love classic barbershop fragrances and bought this one blind. I felt it was too harsh and somewhat synthetic the first time I tried it. It was SOOO DRY. I'm not a fan of overly sweet fragrances, but it seemed like Rive Gauche would benefit from a hint of sweetness to balance it out. It smells a bit like a very dry, more refined version of Brut with an anise note added in.

That said, I now enjoy it quite a bit. The anise stands out more now than it did at first and I really enjoy that note. I also like the fresh scent after it settles down a bit, although it gets a little linear after a couple of hours.
This to me is must try for B&B guys.

It's a very well crafted barbershop scent. Sort of lives in the same neighborhood as Old Spice or Clubman but more elegant.

Some say it's smells like spicy Barbasol. I can see that. But it's got a bit more than just that going on. I've only worn it a few times, but got positive feedback each time.

Way better than average longevity on me. Pretty good sillage too. Projects nicely. Watch dosage. It's stronger than it seems.

Very reasonably priced too. Biggest knock is that some people feel like others will think it to be a less expensive AS of some sort. But if you like the scent and it works for you, who cares?

Top notes are rosemary, star anise and bergamot; middle notes are lavender, cloves and geranium; base notes are patchouli, guaiac wood and vetiver.

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