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Rise Shave Gel Baby Face Sensitive Skin

Item Description

Package Description:
-Eases Razor Burn While Conditioning The Skin
-Lubricates Even The Thickest Beard
-For A Close, Smooth Shave
-Lightly Scented

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Pros: Contains baby oil for a great glide. Inexpensive
Cons: 2 oz bottle is easily depleated.
Price: Found it on sale for 60¢ but have seen it a dollar stores for $1.

Quality: Contains baby oil. The razor glides very smoothly. A bigger tube would be nice it only contains 2oz. Turn the tube upside down in a cup of hot water while you shower for an even better shave. Keep some on your hand to apply to your razor to avoid any initial tugging.

Scent: N/A I don't see this as a negative for no lathering gels and creams because most people will use an good smelling aftershave balm/splash and cologne.

Latherability: N/A I don't see this as a negative in non lathering creams/gels. Brush shaves can use it as a preshave of make a super lather.

Efficacy: Does what is says to a tee.

Moisturizing Properties: N/A This is a product you are gonna wanna wash off. I use dove or zest w/ shea butter. This is not meant to take the place of an after shave balm.

Packaging: A simple 2oz tube. Nothing more.
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