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Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whisky Glass

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This is a great little glass even if it does look a little funny. I've drank Scotch out of a variety of glassware and this is by far my favorite. I've used shot glasses, tumblers, wine glasses, cognac glasses, small snifters, large snifters, and wine glasses. This is what works best for Scotch, IMO.

This glass is from the Riedel Vinum Collection, which are machine made crystal glassware, but still made with 24% lead crystal. A great glass and a big savings over hand crafted crystal.

With this glass you can easily put your whole nose into the glass and inhale all of the aroma of product without any overpowering alcohol fumes. The tulip shape softens the flavor and enhances the power on the palate. I find that not only the aroma is improved, but flavor is greatly improved over any other glass I've used.

2 pack of glasses - $30

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I like the curve on the lip. Not sure, but this glass seems to release bouquet better than a tumbler. As to the dishwasher, you have to be gentle and put them in the right spot.
these glasses really do seem to enhance scotch - in my case, generally Lagavulin, Talisker, or maybe an Ardbeg. they fare well enough in the dishwasher, too. I'm glad I have them, although they weren't cheap.
I can't say I'm a huge fan of the malt glass, though Riedel does make some very fine glasses. Try this tasting glass - designed for wine, though it works a treat with whisky, too:


It holds about a shot in the stem, and can be laid on the side without spilling, covering the inner surface with the sample of your choice.


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