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Remoistuzire Conditioner

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How to use for shaving: For those who shower before a shave a good quality conditioner will be your best pre shave .
During your last shower step apply this conditioner to the area to be shaved for several minutes. Rinse and as you get out of the shower avoid the towel in that area softening up the hairs nicely and giving you a much smoother shave.

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Pros: Softens up your shaving zones.
Cons: Not a traditional shaving product. Stigma?
Price: It's a decent conditioner for both hair and shaving. You get a lot of it and it's is multi-use.

Quality: It is an extra shave step that takes so little time you might as add it. So much better than cheap conditioner. Tried to get the same shave as cheap suave but no dice. Mid priced conditioner is a better option.

Performance: It does what it says softens and moisturizes.

Usefulness: Any easy extra step that gives better results. What could be more useful? I gave it a 6 because not all of you get to shower before a shave.

Durability: The longer you leave it on the better. Stays on as long as you want unless accidently wash it off.

Packaging: A simple cylinder container. The only reason I gave it an 8 is because sometimes it doesn't always come with a salon pump.
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