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Red Leaf Black Tea SS & ASB

I had my first shave today with the RedLeaf Black Tea, so a couple of observations for y'all....

The cube shape is best used as a shaving stick (rub on face) as the face of the cube is too small, at least for my brush, to really do a puck lathering.

The scent is really really nice and filled the shower. Lather was tremendously thick, slick, and rich. As a result of the thickness tho, I did have to keep my brush a little wetter than normal when generating the lather.

The shave was smooth and slick. One possible negative is that I experienced a slight tingling/mild burning from the scent oils (the soap is heavily scented). This may be due to my sensitive skin in general or due to the fact that I str8 shaved yesterday which increases the ease at which my skin is irritated the next day. So for now, take that with a grain of salt. In any case, the tingling wasn't really a burn and certainly not to the point of "I might not use this soap again."

The scent lingered a bit post shave, but was gone by the time I had finished my morning routine. So, no need to worry about matching a cologne.

Now the after shave balm (lotion): scented like the soaps though not as strongly. The consistency was that of a thick hand lotion and a glob about the size of a dime was sufficient for my face. The lotion absorbed quickly and was moisturizing. No tingling or burn from the scent oils and the scent dissipated quickly.

One other negative is the website: not the easiest to deal with (although, by no means QED's either. :wink:). I would suggest a website similar to our other online vendors where you can see and order exact stock and exact options as opposed to the curent set up which is "tell me what options you want in the text box". Also, the inventory system on the current page is really lacking. If you want to order more than one of a particular item, you can't. You have to resort to a text box again and this messes up your total.

All-in-all, I'm quite pleased (thanks ambrose for the heads up!). I will want to try the soap a few more times to see if my skin was just being finicky or if the tingling will become a problem before buying further. But, RedLeaf offers some unique scents (plus unscented) at good prices and it's worth further investigation.

You can get yours here

edit: After another day of usage, I can say that my skin is sensitive to these scent oils, but it's not so bad of a burn that I won't use this soap now and again.
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