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Ray-Man 3inch Balsa stop

My 3x8 RayMan Balsa Strop arrived well packaged, wrapped in wax paper. This strop is a lot more user-friendly than my pasted leather strop. I've used it on two blades and both were brought back to life. Highly recommended strop where regular stropping is not getting it done and honing is not yet necessary.
As promised, here is my opinion of the balsa strop from Ray:
It arrived quickly and well packaged. The quality of the materials and construction are flawless. It effortlessly restored the edge on a tired blade. I found it much easier to use than my pasted leather strop. I actually ordered mine to be double-sided, but Ray felt that this might risk contamination of the 2 different pastes, so he wisely steered me toward 2 separate units, each of which is an efficient, good looking addition to my sharpening arsenal. Using the 2 balsa stops (one with the supplied green CrO, and the other with red paste) was all that was necessary to make my new Dovo shave ready.
I still feel guilty about paying so little for so much.
It came with felt pads as "feet". I added a 4inch-long handle which I find makes it easier to use on a fairly crowded desk. Also included was an additional packet of CrO. I think I'm set for years.
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5.00 star(s)
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