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Punktal Blades

My review of the Punktal vintage shaving blades.

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Hello guys, this is my first review on badgerandblade forum.
Long story short
: I live in Germany and I've tought that it will be nice to try some german vintage blades so direction Ebay. There I've found a small collection of 6 german blades packs all NOS.
The first one I've tried was the Punktal, the masterpiece:


Ok, the package was awesome like teleported in the '50

Solingen I've said :001_cool:, swedish steel:001_cool:, Truefitt & Hill Authentic No. 10 Finest Shaving Cream:001_tt1:, KENT BLK 2:001_cool: brush and then... OUCH:07:
the baldes were horrible they didin't cut anything, were like 10 times used derbys only pulled.
The next day I've tried another one, the same problem:a46:. I have managed to shave, very strange, without any cuts or razor burn.
I don't know if the blades were really so bad or if they have gone bad over time, but what can I say that these baldes were unused and no rust or something like that on them. I will keep the Punktal blades as a piece of history so I can appreciate better the new blades.

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