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Proraso Pre/Post (sensitive)

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SO, I was looking on the reviews and noticed that there wasn't a review for the Sensitive verison of the pre/post cream. So here it goes........

What can you say... i mean it's Proraso!! The quality and everything of the product is outstanding.
Comparing it so the regular, the only real diffrence that i can tell is the diffrence in the "tingle". For the Sensitive it is not as extreme.which is why i gave it at 9, but it still has that tingle!:lol:
This stuff works wonders as a Pre shave!! It really is a face prtector, i don't use it as an aftershave much, because it is so thick that at the end of the day my face will get pretty oily.
A must have in an everyday shave routine, :thumbup1:

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This stuff has really brought my shave to the next level. Like the previous reviewer, I apply it in the shower, after I have washed my hair and face. I just let it sit on my face while I finish up my shower and never wash it off, applying shave lather over it or mixing it by face lathering. The scent is nice and fresh and doesn't conflict with any scented shaving cream or soap I'm using. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

First of all, what a wonderful wake up call in the shower! The menthol is so nice and refreshing. Just a great way to start the day like a second cup of coffee...except more refreshing :001_cool:.

Once I do start shaving, boy what a difference! After I apply lather to my face and/or face lather with whatever soap or cream I'm using, the shave is just smooth as silk. The proraso pre/post really just conditions my stubble, softening it greatly, making the shave so much smoother and more comfortable. No razor pull or drag what-so-ever. I also think it adds an extra layer of cushion to the first pass. To boot, my face is appreciably more moisturized after the shave.

All-in-all just a fantastic product!!!
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No Alcohol Burn
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Cooling Sensation
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Fights Razor Burn
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First of all I do not use this as an aftershave, I got it for pre-shave purposes. I really enjoy this product. For me it does wonders as a pre-shave. I tried applyiing it in the shower once, and didn't notice a difference when comparing to if I didn't use it at all. However I apply it right before lathering, and WOW! I find a distinct difference in shave quality compared to when I don't apply it. When applied, the shave is much smoother, I get no irritation and I don't draw blood. There is a wonderful refreshing sensation after you apply it and becasue I apply it before every pass (just a little...and the fact so little is needed...I don't consider it over kill...just wonderful), my face keeps a fresh feeling throught the shave, which in the end only makes it better.

I would recommend buying it, but I highly believe this would be a YMMV product.

I have ordered this stuff one month ago.This is FANTASTIC product.The smell is Great and much better than green Proraso Pre&Post shave.For me it's number one in my aftershave balm rotation.:punk:

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