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This stuff is fantastic. It is codger burley done in the classic American style. If this were aftershave, it would be Aqua Velva, old school, nothing fancy just a great smoke every time. Great for pipe noobies as well as veterans. Reasonably priced and available everywhere. Although I've never taken the habit of smoking burnt paper, this was at one time used quite extensively for RYO cigarettes. Me? I burn it in an old school Kaywoodie and in over 5 years of smoking it, I've never had a bad bowl of it. Good stuff for sure

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I'm sorry this wasn't the Prince Albert I was thinking of when I came in the thread to look...:blushing:
My Grandfather smoked Prince Albert in a pipe and rolled his own cigarettes. I smoked store bought cigarettes for 30 years. The last year of smoking I had switched to smoking a combination of Prince Albert and a Gold Virginia tobacco into a hand rolled cig. Prince Albert is a burley tobacco and is a tad on the earthy, nutty side by itself IMO. Prince Albert is definitely an American Classic and anyone paying $35.00 to $50.00 a carton and up for store bought cigs should consider Prince Albert. It is a much stronger tobacco than store bought cigs, however, I smoked half as many cigs. I have since quit smoking. I attribute part of this to switching to Hand Rolled Prince Albert. Thanks Prince Albert for some great memories! :001_smile
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My father's uncle Ozzie (pronouned Oh-zee) in Crooked Oak, Alabama would smoke this stuff. As a kid we would visit during the summer and my brother and I would be mesmerized by him rolling his own.

He actually would keep it in a small pouch he kept in his overalls. He would take out a rolling paper, put a fold on one side of it, take out the pouch, pour some into the rolling paper he would then roll it with one hand, the whole time he would be talking. In one move the cigarette was rolled and put into his mouth, the hand that had put the pouch of Prince Albert back into his pocket would have a Zippo in it and it would be lit in synchronization as the cigarette met his lips.

It was obviously he had done this thousands of times and had it down to a second nature. It was just too cool to watch this smooth transistion of raw materials into cigarette that looked like it was machine rolled all done by a Southern Gentleman.

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