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The feather popular is not my razor of choice. Yet it's a razor I'll never part with, because it serves a very particular purpose. It's black, plastic, long handled, light, comes with a plastic case which hold the blades and has a hole in the bottom for residue water, it's inconspicuous, cheap and once again, it's light. This makes it the only safety razor I feel comfortable throwing in my kit to take for backpacking and random adventuring.
It's not aggressive and that's another plus in this case, since when outdoors, a deep shave where you can cut your self makes you more vulnerable to infections*. The butterfly system is also something you want to have during an "emergency" shave, when you have to shave with your canteen on one hand or by a creek. Being able to twist, insert blade, twist will save you allot of bother putting parts of your razor in and out of your pockets in fear of loosing them in the leafy environment. On the negative side, it is a mechanism and mechanisms can falter, especially in humid or sandy environments or even in the very very cold. So special care when coming in contact with dirt or sand is recommended.
I also like the way it looks, it's something that won't raise allot of eyebrows, you can take it out of your backpack and shave amongst your friends without holding a chrome plated diamond cut Edwin Jagger (my razor of choice) and looking like a bit of a dandy. You can stay in a shady hotel in Guyana (the only kind if you can't afford a small fortune each night btw) and forget the razor by the sink without fear of being targeted for room invasion.
Therefore, although I think it could do with better balance, although I like more aggressive razors, although I prefer shorter handles, I seriously love my Feather Popular and consider it to be what it should be, a real tool of the trade.
* It's somewhat safe to have a mild shave when in European outdoors, especially during fall and winter, although still not recommended. Shaving is forbidden however when visiting tropical and humid environments, not even if you really really want to.

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