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Derby Professional Blades
Barber's Edition

If you are using a shavette and have couple of DE blades then you have been snapping the blades in half since the very start. For casual shavers there is no real problem but for professional this can take time to snap the blades, then insert them in the blade holding mechanism and if you are unlucky then you will find that the edges where you snapped are bend and will either scratch inside the holder or will take more time to fit in.

This problem has been resolved with single edge blades which has already been snapped and polished from the factory and are way easier to fit in a shavette holder. Well, not all factories such as Gillette or Feather have made such idealistic blades available for shavette users. However, if you like the Derby blades and it’s your “daily driver” then these single edge blades from the Turkish company can be a real value for money!

The blades comes in a very nice green box and each blades are wrapped in wax paper. As compared to DE Blades, you will not find any glue dots that holds the blades in position which is very good as some of these dots sometimes affects the edge of the DE blades.

Pros : These blades are really smooth and the newbies will find it really easy to start with as they are way more forgiving than other blades. Like stated earlier, they can be handy for people who needs to change their blades constantly and finally they are cheap and you get can up the salon packs starting with 100 blades around $5-6.

Cons : Well, even though they can be good for starters, these blades are not really sharp and can be dull when compared to Gillette Silver Blues. Being dull blades, those who do 3 passes will have to do 4 in order to achieve a clean shave. Moreover, if you feel the need for a close shave then look elsewhere.

On the concluding lines I would say that the blades are good for the starters but this stops here. If you're a barber then maybe it can help you for designing hair styles and all but certainly not for a client who needs a good close shave. Yes, it contradicts what is written on the box and the whole idea of barber single edge blades ;)

“Great for beginners but absolutely not for the experts”.

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