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PFB Vanish

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I picked up this product as a means to help with Razor Burn after the fact, and in this respect, the product works very well. I ordered this from MensEssentials, and their price was competitive with other websites.

Now the Pros of the product- This product is very good after the fact at helping alleviate ingrown hairs and razor burn, and I believe it works similar to
Solution 2, and Tend Skin. I normally use it after shaving, before putting on my aftershave, and I notice that I do less irritation when I use this product.

CONS- This has an alcohol smell, which warrants the use of a scented aftershave or moisturizer if you want to cover the scent. However the scent is not very long lasting on me, and the benefits the product gives make this a minor quibble, IMO. Another con is the minor burn it gives you on application, however I don't find it nearly as bad as having very bad razor burn, so this is a minor aspect for me as well, but I'd say for some folks this might be a turn off.

I'd say if you are prone to irritation and burn, consider giving this product a try and see if it helps. I know it has helped me.

This is my go-to application after a BBS shave. I am (and always have been) prone to ingrown hairs. As I have quite the affinity for an ultra-close shave; I've found that this product has been indispensable for me to keep my skin looking good. I never seem to have a problem with razor-burn, so I can't really speak to the effectiveness of PFB Vanish on that issue.

Although it seems similar to Tend-Skin, I can't seem to get Tend-Skin to work for me. I gave this product a try as a "last-ditch" effort - and I'm so glad I did. It's a gel that goes on with a roller. It's very neat and easy to apply. The alcohol smell is only for a minute or so until the product soaks in. I'm addicted to colognes et.al., so the slight alcohol scent doesn't stand a chance on me... :biggrin: Also, I've had Tend-Skin leave a white residue on my face and that won't happen with this product.

It does sting when you apply it, but I've found that a good cold-water rinse before applying it closes the pores and helps quite a bit.

I always follow it up with a good hydrosol and then an ASB, like Proraso Liquid Cream or D.R. Harris A/S Milk. I have also tried just leaving it as is and it's not too shabby. Just much better when I apply it as above.
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