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Personna Sensitive One-Blade Dispoables.

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I often like to use BIC disposables, which perform admirably but blunt remarkably quickly.

At the dollar store the other day, I saw these plastic throwaways selling at the attractive price 1 bone for 10 razors, so I said what the hell and bought a pack.

Well, I must say these razors blow BICs out of the water. Their overall construction feels just as robust - which is to say not robust - but I like their feel and balance. Make no mistake - they are exceedingly light-weight, but they shave like a dream, their blades seemingly lasting forever.

Using one today with which I've shaved the majority of my body some three times coupled with l'Occitane SS delivered one of the best face-shaves I've had in a long time. No fuss, no irritation - 3 passes in 3 minutes while simultaneously arguing with my GF.

I love these razors. Not as fun or as classy-feeling to use as a DE or Str8 but the results are spectacular.


The grip I gave an 8, not because they're slippery when wet - they're not - but because the handle is a bit short for my liking. BIC puts out better-lengthed razors. Not a deal breaker by any means.

Aggressiveness I gave a zero because I feel these razors are as gentle as it gets. At the same time they last long and cut hairs beautifully.

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All the disposables that I have tried have been extremely poor shavers.Disgusting things. YMMV.
I decided to buy some of these the other say since i was at the Dollar Tree. They were a bonus pack 10+2 for a $1.

After two crappy shaves and a few nicks im done. I have not been able to get good shaves out of the 1 blade disposables. Even the Bic's didnt do good for me. I dont know if the Bics i used (since its been years) were for sensitive skin razors like the ones now but i do remember my face was tore up and bloody. But at the time i was using squirt can lather and probably pressing down with the force of a few metric tons etc.

For some reason i do better with twin blade disposable/carts.

For a buck you dont have anything to loose trying these.
Remembering "Boyextraordinare" review I was walking by a Dollar Store and thought about these razors. For the price of $1 for a 10/pack I thought what the hell and bought a pack.

Not bad but not great.

Got a DFS using VDH soap and doing two WTG passes.

The problems I have with these razors are they are so light that I find myself pressing down and shaving fast. Not a good thing. Still I took my time and applied minimum pressure and the result was a Damn Fine Shave. Also the handle is not the strongest made but it shouldn't prevent you from getting a good shave.

These razors are made by the American Safety Razor Co.
I believe these razors are the same as ones found at Walgreen, CVS etc as those cheap alternatives.
Which by the way cost twice as much!

Is this a replacement for BIC Sensitive, No.

But if you are traveling light or want to save some money and get a bargain I would highly recommend these blades if you can get them for a $1 a pack.

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