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Pendergrass Bay Sandalwood

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If you see this soap available, don't walk, run! Simply put, it is awful. Where to begin?

Let's start with the price. It was approximately $4 for the puck. While Col. Conk is worth every penny of the $3.50, Pendergrass Bay is one example of getting what you pay for. I would even avoid free samples of this stuff. The quality is awful, and that could even be inferred from the third-rate packaging.

When I first got these in the mail they actually did smell like sandalwood, but after unwrapping the first puck that smell disappeared. I can't even describe the smell that took its place, but sandalwood is not a word I would use to describe it. The lather was equally bad.
While it did make a lot of lather, the quality of the lather was by far the worst I've ever had. After applying it to my face the lather had actually disappeared before the end of my first pass. The lather for the second pass had a bit better staying power, but only a bit.

This soap gave me the worst shave to date. It did get me smooth, don't get me wrong, but it takes a lot to give me a bad shave because I have tough skin. A weed whacker might give me a bad shave, but never a razor. This soap did nothing to help.

After the shave my skin was left dry and rough. Not a great way to end a shave.

Please, if you are looking for sandalwood, do not look for Pendergrass Bay. If you are in dire need and just need a soap, any soap, and this is your only choice...........grow a beard.
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