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Parker Synthetic Bristle Brush w/ Faux Ivory Handle

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Since I haven’t seen this brush reviewed yet, I thought I would give it a go. I know that Parker does not get much love, and personally, I was not impressed by the Parker 22r razor that I purchased as my first foray in the DE world, but I absolutely love this brush.

Price: $20 USD…good price for the quality of brush

This is a quality, well made brush. It shed a few hairs the first week or so, but I’ve been using this brush for over 8 months and it has not lost any hairs since. The handle is made out of solid faux ivory and has a nice size and weight to it. My only complaint with the quality is that the Parker emblem on the handle wore off very quickly.

This brush is very dense, while I don’t have the exact measurements the knot and loft of this brush are of decent size.

Stiffness of Tips:
This brush may not be the stiffest, but I have found it to have a balanced backbone to effectively work both soaps and creams.

Softness of Tips:
This is where this brush shines, and the thing I love most about it. The synthetic bristles are super soft! I primarily face lather and absolutely love the way this brush feels on my face...I will repeat once more…SUPER SOFT!!!

As mentioned previously, the handle is well made and has a good size and good weight to it. I have larger hands and I am able to get a nice comfortable grip over the handle.

This thing is a lather monster!!! Again, I primarily face lather and I have no problem generating copious amounts of lather. I can usually generate enough lather to get a 3 pass shave with plenty left over in my brush when I am done. I should also note here that I have never had a problem with this brush holding water, and I was actually surprised that a synthetic could hold water as well as this one does.

All in all this is a great synthetic brush at a decent price point!

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