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Parker 22-R Gunmetal TTO DE Safety Razor

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I recently purchased a new Parker 22-R gunmetal finish TTO DE safety razor. The razor seems well-made and attractive, but how does it shave? Read on!

The razor is quite heavy, 2.5 ounces. It has an attractive finish, and, being a TTO, was quite easy to load. The grooves on the handle provided an excellent grip while shaving. The vinyl travel case that came with the razor was also quite handy.

Now for the real question: how was the shave? Frankly, this razor shaves like a bush-hog...like a bear just out of hibernation in the spring jumping on the first salmon of the year! After my first shave, my face was extraordinarily irritated, and I had several decent-sized cuts. I had been using a borrowed Gilette ’67 Superspeed with good results, excepting the occasional stupid mistake on my part, for two weeks, and had reached the point that I could get a very close shave with little irritation. However, using the same blades, shaving soap, and technique with the Parker yielded uncomfortable shave after uncomfortable shave. After a week, I reverted to cartridges to give myself a break and let things heal up a bit.

Thinking that I was just a new guy and didn’t know what I was doing, I lent the razor to a friend to try. He has been wetshaving for over 20 years, and is a wealth of knowledge and experience. He shaved twice with the razor using the same blades and soap I was using, and reported back to me. His verdict was not quite as harsh as mine, but he said that, in order to get good results without irritation or cuts, he had to use so little pressure as to be cumbersome, and had to grasp the handle at the extreme furthest end from the head. He reported that the Parker was an extremely aggressive razor not for the faint of heart, and that he would not want to shave with that every day.

To summarize: spend the extra $15 and buy a decent Merkur, or spend the time on e-bay and find a vintage razor instead of forking out $24 for this face-mangler.

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I tried one of these razors and the razor caused razor burn. I bought another (stupid is as stupid does) thinking I might have gotten a bad one. Same result! Very disapoointing. A great TTO razor is sold by Freedom Hill on Amazon. It is able to shave places on my face that other razors can't quite get.
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I thought I would add a review since there are not many on this product yet.

I am pretty new to DE shaving and purchased this razor about 4 months ago as my first razor and have been using it daily since then.

Price: I picked this up from Amazon with free shipping for $27.00.

Quality: The finish on this razor is fantastic. I really like the way it looks, especially on the handle. It doesn't look like an old safety razor that grandpa used, at least when it is clean. That can be a pro or a con depending on how you roll.

It seems like the quality control issues that I've heard about are true. For one, the closing mechanism that clamps down on the blade does not seem to come down evenly, even to the naked eye. You can't really get a secure lock on the blade without making the blade bend down slightly, which I believe causes an aggressive blade angle right from the start.

You have to be very careful when you lock the blade down in that it needs to go in straight and even on both sides. You have to push the blade in with your finger (with the lock-down slightly loose) to get it just right. This is slightly annoying but no big deal.

After 4 months of daily use the finish still looks great, no rusting or strange stains on the finish. I just cleaned the razor last night for the first time with some borax and it looks like new.

User Friendly: I would not recommend this for a newbie, but then again it teaches you to be a very careful and attentive shaver. At first I hacked my face up pretty good. Only now after 4 months can I get away without any blood on a daily basis.

Grip: The grip is pretty good but only if you don't get soap on your fingers. Then it becomes very slippery.

Ease of Blade Replacement: TTO, enough said. :)

Aggressiveness: I gave this a 9, meaning that it is really aggressive. This has been my only DE razor so take that with a grain of salt.

Adjust-ability: This is not an adjustable razor, so N/A.

Balance: I am not extremely experienced, but it seems like a heavy razor so I hold it at the very end and let the weight do the work. No complaints.

Overall I am okay with the razor. I'm going to continue using it for a total of 12 months and then I will probably look at a Merkur or a Gillette, but for now I will stick with this one and get my money out of it. :wink:
This razor is very stylish with it's gun metal finish. Once you find the right blade to pair up with this razor it delivers. I love the feel of this razor in my hand. It is slightly top heavy which in my opinion...makes for perfect form/angling to the contours of the face. I only wish it was slightly heavier in the handle. I gave it a 10 for blade replacement obviously because it's tto. You can't beat the price for this razor. It was truly a bargain when I purchased it off of Ebay brand new with a case plus a pack of 10 Gillette blades for a little more than $27.00 after shipping. I definitely think you should check this razor out if you're at all interested in Parker razors to begin with.

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