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Paela Burl Silvertip

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I finally got to use this brush which arrived last week but I was away and just got back last night. This is a paela burl wood handle silvertip badger bought from PC Woodcraft & Pens. What a beautiful and more important functional brush. The hair is 24mm and total length 5 1/2 in long. The handle is very comfortable to hold even when wet. I was using TSD sweetgrass soap mixed in a hand made clay bowl I bought directly from Muhle. In 30 seconds I made hot lather good enough for 3 passes. I am very pleased with this brush and highly recommend Pat over at PC Woodcraft. He is the owner and takes his work very serious. The shipping from Ca to Fl 3 days via USPS.

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Just got my brush from PC Woodcraft & Pens. Couldn't be any happier. much denser than I thought it would be and even better looking in person.
Couldn't agree more with all the 10 ratings. Just got a best badger brush from Pat. Not only is the handle exquisite, it functions great with both soaps and creams. Received excellent service and communication from Pat as well.
I bought two from Pat last year. the burl and one in trustone, which is my favourite and used for Monday mornings only. They both work well with tub creams and soaps.

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