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Outlaw Refinery - Santa's Pipe

Outlaw Refinery Santa's Pipe Scented shaving soap has the distinct smell of a pipe after Christmas dinner. All natural ingredients.

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Well I purchased the soap from this artisan in Calgary, Alberta and used it for the first time for this morning's shave and I have to say I am impressed. The packaging is quite nice (though I believe not water proof) and even comes with a safety seal on the inside once you remove the lid so that you know it hasn't been tampered with. Immediately you notice the soap is quite firm and black in colour! It has activated charcoal in it to improve post-shave feel. Yes it does. This is a Vegan soap...

Today's razor was a 69 Gillette Super Speed; O2, loaded up with a Wilkinson Sword (3); only two days growth and so I wanted something mild so I could concentrate on the soap.

Immediate scent of cherries followed by a subtle blend of vanilla, tobacco and bourbon. Pleasant and I can see how you'd come away with a "Christmas Dinner" scent in your mind. Not an overpowering scent and fades pretty quickly considering but pleasant while it lasts. Soap lathers very nicely and provides good cushion and slickness. Soap needs very little water to get it going; I use a bowl to build the lather and it was certainly needed today. A few drops of water as you are going along and it builds very nicely. All and all the soap was very nice and the post-shave feel was good also.

The only detractor would be that the container is much smaller than most of us here are use to. Today's brush was an AP Shave Co - 24mm Silksmoke w/ Blue Lagoon Handle and it just fit into the tub to load...I have spoken to the artisan (no, I am not affiliated in any way) and he is considering a larger container for the next batch of soaps.

All and all a very nice three pass shave and though I wasn't chasing BBS, that is indeed what I ended up with.

Outlaw Refinery can be found on Etsy for anyone looking and $15 Cdn plus shipping. Enjoy...

Happy Friday and Shaves!

Attached are pics so you can see the ingredients

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