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OUMO Exceed Vitality G5 SYN Bulb 30mm

Top design
Pros: design, quality
Cons: pricy option for a 'lathering device'
I got this one a few days ago, OUMO Exceed Vitality with a 30mm SHD 5G SYN bulb knot. Handle material: ebonite + wood.
Brush nr 3 - not because I needed it but because of the remarkable design and colour - next to a YAQI Atlantis Synthetic and the Connaught/Omega boar.
The indent in the handle makes for a very comfortable hold. I'm not too sure about the quality of the golden Chinese character, I guess it might come off even faster than the black coating of the Fatip Special Edition. It's slightly indented so it will stay visible, if just in the same green. (I'm not really too concerned about it.
Compared to the YAQI the knot feels slightly softer even (when dry) but with a lot more backbone. It feels like the tips are extremely soft and the hairs get considerably thicker towards the handle to provide the backbone. Not that it dwarves the YAQI, but still there's a very noticeable difference in size.
Compared to the Omega, it's 1000x softer of course with similar backbone. However when lathering up, even the boar feels soft
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5.00 star(s)
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5.00 star(s)
Softness of Tips
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I notice that the ebonite of the handle gives off a rather unpleasant rubbery smell. (Maybe not surprising since ebonite is vulcanised rubber...). It's a minor issue and this doesn't affect the quality of the brush.
In the future, I would hesitate to order another 30mm knot brush. The extra few mm do not add anything to the practicality/comfort of the brush.
I unfortunately 'decommissioned' my OUMO today.

I started picking up soap from my Razorock Santa Maria de Fiore tub and stopped halfway through as the much appreciated scent was too much affected by the stench of the brush's handle. Is the problem getting worse or was my sense of smell more awake than before?

If I could I would change my rating to 3: 2/5 for the handle, 4/5 for the knot = 3/5 average...
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