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Pros: Its green. It's menthol. It's green menthol.
Cons: It's green menthol
There isn't really a lot to talk about here. There is no subtlety or nuance to this stuff. It's green, it's mostly menthol with some alcohol and water in it, and it makes your face feel really cold for about 15 minutes. Then it's gone leaving a faintly medicinal scent behind. If menthol is your thing - and actually it works really well as an aftershave - then this is what you want. If you want something a little more sophisticated you can try Harris Arlington, or Kiehls Blue Astringent for a dose of witch hazel with your menthol. But as I said, it's green menthol and it's $6. About the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks and wakes you up better than anything they sell.
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No Alcohol Burn
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Cooling Sensation
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Fights Razor Burn
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Pros: cost effective
Holy Frosted Face Batman!

So i had this on the shelf for a few weeks and didnt want to wait till summer to try it. (Still 20 deg and a foot of snow here)

The best way to describe the feeling is dipping your face is liquid nitrogen.

If Vicks 44 and Halls cough drops got married and had a baby, it would be Osage rub.

So after kneeling infront of the blower on my wood stove to warm my face bck up, i decided i liked it. My face was dry and tight. The menthol faded away. I really like it, but save for summer!
Pros: Utilitarian, Menthol, Economical
Cons: Alcohol
I've been using this aftershave exclusively for almost two years. Osage rub comes standard in a 14 oz. bottle with no frills. It won't fit nicely next to your class cologne bottles or your badger brush or your stoneware bowl. It is spartan in it's efficiency though. Just a splash on your face will render your face and hand numb for hours after your shave, which is either the best or worst qualities of this aftershave, depending on what you're looking for. For me, this compliments Proraso more than the Proraso brand aftershaves. I try to stick to menthol creams and aftershaves as I normally apply a cologne afterwards. This does have a strong menthol smell to it which dissipates in minutes. You know that fresh feeling you get after you brush your teeth? Yeah, this is the same feeling except it's your face. This is brutal in the winter time but perfect for summer. I had at least 6 different aftershaves in my rotation before I bought this and now it's my only one. I can't justify spending more money on something I have a hard time believing would be more bang for your buck than Osage Rub. My only gripe with this is it has zero restorative qualities.

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