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Organic unscented preshave oil

Pros: Slick, just the right consistency
I found the Taconic pre-shave oil to be the lowest priced pre-shave oil, not wanting to pay $25.00+ for Art of Shaving products.

Don't let the price fool you - this is a very good pre-shave oil. The oil is not too runny, and it is not too thick. While it does state it is unscented, if you smell directly from the bottle, it smells a little like lemon, but once you get it on the face, yes, there is no smell whatsoever.

For $13.99 you get a good size 2oz bottle with a squirt dispenser.

It works extremely well in helping Razor glide and hydrate the skin, nothing more can be said about it!

It's ingredients are Organic saflower oil, Organic castor oil, Organic grapeseed oil and Vitamin E. It is Non-comedogenic.
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