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Omega Jade- 011842 - 27mmx52mm

Pros: Well balanced boar brush
Cons: None
The Jade
An excellent brush. The Jade manages all brush duties with aplomb. It readily accepts and loads lather in seconds. A medium density knot. The 27mm knot is 29mm wet measured at the handle lip. It has 47mm of measured useable loft from glue bump. Second use the hairs continue to soften and split. It’s backbone is middle ground, providing a pleasant medium-soft scrub. It holds a nice footprint during use with comfort. Splaying is achieved with light smooth pressure. The 47mm loft is long enough to complete very smooth soft paint strokes without adjusting for short-loft-snap at stroke end, as with chubbies. The handle is comfortable as it fades into your hand while using. It is a good looking brush with a slight marbling in the jade colour. The Jade is the most well balanced boar I’ve used. The reputation it enjoys is well deserved. I have recommended this as a first brush to a few gents wanting to try a boar. I do not think you could do better.
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