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Omega #641

My first silvertip - Ive had many more, but I suppose one always has a soft spot for their first.

And I mean a soft spot, this guy is floppy.

He is a vicious lather hog with creams, and a recalcitrant school boy with soaps, especially hard ones (some are great, but forget about triple milled).

The hairs are as soft as any brush ive come across, and the knot is big enough that there is enough lather for a weeks worth of shaves, but I think it would do much better to have a bit more backbone (and this is only the medium of this range, the large scares me).

Finally, and YMMVlly, this guy sheds a few hairs when youre not super gentle with him. It may be this knot was a dodgey one from the outset, but it does leave a sour taste in my mouth.

Would I buy again? Nope, but if youre a cream guy who also shaves his head then you cant really go wrong
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