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Omega 616 silvertip

This is a small size brush in the handle if you have large hands then you may not like this brush. But the head of this brush is very packed. But so very soft and wipped up very good with cream. I will be shaving with Mitchell's woolfat in the morning and will update on how this brush does.

Price I listed as a 10 seeing I got this brush from a guy who had it listed on shave my face for $18 and retail is like $62 but well worth that money. I was just very lucky to get it at a great price.

Quality I gave a 10 seeing Omega has been around for many many years and they do not make a cheap anything.

Density I gave a 10 seeing with a small brush it is very well packed.

Stiffness of Tips Are firm when pushing against your hand it takes a few for them to give.

Latherability I mixed up some Luv4country cream which is from canada and hand made very good cream but can be hard to wipe but this brush had no issue and made a lot of cream, once the water to cream was right.

Softness of Tips Like any slivertip it is very soft when water and cream is in the brush you can just few the brush oh so lite on your skin, very nice!!

UPDATE: Well I just shaved this morning using woolfat shaving soap and this little brush wiped up a nice creamy lather !!! I know some have said it is hard to get a good lather from Mitchell's woolfat but I had no issue at all was a great shave!!!!:biggrin:
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