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Well I needed a nice travel brush and decided on this little fellow a few days befor going away. I went for the white handle but it's also avalible in black. It broke in, in a few days and can deal with either shave stick soap or creams. I found that a good soak would give me enough lather for two good passes with a little left over for touch ups. For the money, under £8 with P+P, it's a great little brush. Pure boar and has the Omega quality that us boar men like. All I can say is if your going away then get this little guy as it does what it says on the travel tin or tube.

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Pros: perfect for travelling and a good latherer
Cons: the handle is very small and made of cheap plastick
This is a brush with a high fun-factor, it is tiny and despite the minute handle ergonomically ok. It looks all wrong, with a too long loft compared to its knot-diameter but it really works well. After the break-in there is still enough backbone left and it lathers every soap or cream I used with ease. Due to its size it won't hold lather for 3+ passes but who expects that from this little dwarf? When you have something going for small brushes you should try this one; it is cheap but has a quality Omega knot that will do anything for you.

The only con seems to be the cheapish handle, but that is easily forgiven when you consider its price-tag and the performance of the knot.

Not my best brush but one that brings a smile to my face everytime I use it!
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