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Omega 290049 Syntex "Pro"

Bought this because I wanted to try a big brush and was curious about Syntex.

Price: $12, shipped. Not bad.
Quality: I've yet to be disappointed by an Omega brush, and this one's nice.
Density: A Syntex (nylon?) knot is a little different. It has a good density.
Stiffness: Pretty floppy when wet, and the bristles kind of stick together in a mass. Yet---it doesn't lay down on the face and the bristles open up when swirled or dabbed.
Softness: Not particularly soft, but I don't find it real scratcy, either.
Ergonomic: Great. The big pro 49 handle is a pleasure to paint with!
Latherability: 9, because it takes a little extra product. However, very capable of producing a big, smooth lather.

Bottom line: I wouldn't be afraid of a syntex brush---it dries fast, lathers very well, holds enough water, and feels okay on my face, doesn't smell at all. Some might not like the feel, or the way the bristles stick together, or the look of pure, white nylon bristles. Put enough cream (or soap---which it handles just fine) into it and it will reward you. It's also a wicked superlatherer.

This is a great brush if you like to dab and paint your face with lather. It is almost comically big, and I use this when I want to pretend I'm an Italian barber lathering my face with gusto while singing in the shower.

I like it. But its not likely to become a go to brush---just a change of pace.
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