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Olivia Churchill shaving cream

The Olivia Creams are all fantastic, but this one might be my favorite. The scent is fantastic and classy, and stays with you for a decent amount of time.

I was drawn to the Olivia products because she doesn't add any artificial chemicals, lather enhancers, or preservaties. Her soaps and creams are proof you don't need any of that stuff in there. The creams especially lather thick and luxurious, thicker than ANY other cream I have.

Moroeover, these care for your skin in a very special way.

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It won't let me save ratings, but I gave it 100%
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Moisturizing Properties
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I have a wonderful friend living in Europe who's been sending me all kinds of gifts since the winter. I received the soap version of this brand not long ago, and a couple of days ago, he sent me a jar of this fantastic shaving cream. I'd classify it as a damn good, no frills kind of brand, a lovely mild, light citrusy scent which is super for summer, the lather is great, not much cream at all is required, so the jar will last a long time. Moisturization and skincare are guaranteed for those whose skin is sensitive as mine is. This wonderful cream is a work of art of www.olivia-seife.de

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