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Olive Oil Bar Soap

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This review is for Mule Hell Trading Company's Olive Oil Bar Soap. MHTC makes soaps (both bathing and shaving), lotions, and other personal care items from essential oils and natural ingredients. They are local to me here in Virginia, and their products can be ordered at mulehelltradingco.com.

I picked up a "Tea Tree & Citrus" scented bar for $6. It's a large bar, and I expect it to last quite some time. I've used it every day for about 3 weeks and I would estimate that it probably has another couple of months left in it at least. The smell is wonderful: it's masculine but clean. It is made with tea tree and grapefruit essential oils, which give it a unique scent. It also has exfoliating properties thanks to the ground walnut shells. These give the bar a definite "gritty" texture, but it is in no way harsh to the skin.

This soap lathers like crazy. A little goes a long way! It rinses clean, and the scent dissipates fairly quickly after drying off. I work in a prison, and therefore I cannot wear heavily-scented products to work. I need something that leaves little to no scent on me, yet gets me clean. Although I am still a die-hard Kirk's fan, this may be my new go-to soap. I can't wait to try their other scents! I would recommend it to anyone looking to try something different, yet old-fashioned.

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Pros: Long-lasting, fragrance, exfoliating properties, natural ingredients
Cons: Priced a bit high
Price - 4- $6 at a local store, which is a bit high for me, but worth it

Quality - 10 - Made with quality ingredients and attention to detail

Latherability - 10 - You can coax lather out of this stuff by simply looking at it (well...almost).

Moisturizing - 7 - It is a cold-process soap, and it is not packed with any moisturizing properties (nor does it claim any). It doesn't dry my skin, however.

Scent - 10 - The "Tea Tree & Citrus" bar smells awesome! Very masculine. It dissipates quickly too, which is a benefit for someone like myself who cannot wear heavy scents to work.

Efficacy - 10 - It is a large bar, and I have used it every day for about 3 weeks now. I can see myself getting a couple of months out of the bar at least. It certainly lasts longer than Kirk's.

Packaging - 10 - Old-school paper sleeve wrapped around the bar. What else do you need?

Overall - 10 - It's a great soap that I have become fond of, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something a little bit different. They have a large selection of scents to choose from, and their use of natural ingredients is great for those of us who prefer to stay away from many of today's harsh chemicals. Buy some and enjoy!
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