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Old St. Patrick's Soap for Sensitive Skin

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Overall, an outstanding product. The soap is a luxurious experience, with maximum protection of skin, a decent scent and really outstanding lather capabilities. The only aspect of this soap I would change would be the scent- it's not that is bad, but it is totally forgettable. The soap according to the company is "nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and bergamot notes, and emerges into a perfect blend of coriander and cypress with subtle lavender and geranium undertones. It finishes with a base of patchouli, musk, and cedar softened with vanilla and benzoin" . Maybe, but hard to tell. Highly recommend- this would be a welcome addition to a soap rotation. By the numbers:

Price- 9

Quality- 9.5

Scent- 8

Latherability- 10

Efficacy- 9

Moisturizing properties- 9.5

Packaging- 8

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