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Old Spice type cologne Mama Bear

Received this in the mail recently. But let me back up, I have been a fan of Old Spice after shave for quite a few years. My dearly departed dad, wore this just about everyday when I was growing up. This was a crisp manly scent. Well about a year ago I purchased a bottle and the bottle looked differant than what I remembered but it was inexpensive so I bought it. It didnt last too long and left a powdery note after awhile. Fast forward, I saw this advertised by Mama Bear, so I took a chance. In a word Fantastic!! This stuff evokes that early memory of the good old days with my father. This cologne lasts all day and No
powdery scent. Highest recommendation

PS bought three more colognes this evening
I have also liked the old spice aftershave for quite some time. In fact, before I found wet shaving and this board the two aftershaves I used were old spice and brute. Mama Bear's version of old spice is wonderful and has staying power that the after shave did not. If you like old spice, you will love this cologne.
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