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Old Spice Fresh Lime (Shulton Formula).

To tell you first,
i never ever smelled a bottle of Old Spice, neither the back in the days and neither the P&G version, so i will comment purely on the scent and the efficacity.
I got the chance to try it because of a recent order i made with B&B member "beyboo", great service btw.
First i really like the bottle, it's not plastic and the design looks cool, but to be honest it took me a minute to figure how to open the lid on the bottle:lol:
To describe the scent, without ever having try the regular Old Spice, i would say that it smell regular Old Spice, with a good hint of lime.
There's a good burn when apply on a freshly shaved face, i like that.
The scent doesn't fade away too fast.
As for the price i paid 6$ for it so i think it's pretty good.
I highly recommend it, especially on summer days, i don't know why but for me it smell like if i was at the beach.
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No Alcohol Burn
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Cooling Sensation
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Fights Razor Burn
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