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Ogallala Bay Rum Shave Stick

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Price: I lucked out and got mine for $free.99. Being a tester of sorts can have a few benefits.
Quality: This is definitely a good product. Having no prior experience with the Ogallala brand, I can't really say how it stacks up against their other products, but I assume it's the exact same formulation as their regular pucks. As for the container itself, I'm quite impressed. The twist mechanism functions beautifully, and everything looks robust enough to last for quite a while.
Scent: Great googly-moogly! Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of the Bay Rum scent, but this particular combination is intoxicating! It almost smells like something that might come out of the oven of a fine pastry chef. Or at least kind of like grandma's cookies. Either way, I'm impressed. For the first shave, I chose my SCS Bay Rum With a Twist ASM. I have to say, it ended up being a nice combination. I look forward to pairing these up again, especially as the weather gets colder.
Lather: Zero complaints. With my trusty B&B Essential, this stuff lathered up like a fiend and turned out to be super-slick. I only did a 2 pass shave, but there was enough lather to go for at least another 2 passes.
Efficacy: This stuff worked exactly as advertised.
Moisturizing: Compared to my usual lineup, the stick did well. It didn't dry my face out, and it didn't feel like I had slathered my face with lotion either. I gave it an eight just because I got a tiny bit of "tightness" after using it. This may change as I start using it more.

Having heard so many folks rave about Ogallala branded soaps, I had intended to give them a shot at some point. Fortunately, I ran across the opportunity to test out this shave stick and satiate my curiosity about Ogallala at the same time.
For the purposes of this review, I used my '65 Gillette Slim set on 7 with a 2nd day Derby.
One thing to note, I did encounter a bit of burning upon first lather. I didn't deduct points for this, primarily for the fact that it's probably just me and not being accustomed to bay rum products. It only occurred on my upper cheeks, not all over. I will report back if it becomes a regular thing.

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Pros: size (good for travel ) thick lather, smells GOOD!
Cons: none
This is the first shave stick I own and am very happy with it! It doesn't seem like much when you rub it on your face but once the brush touches it the lather builds quickly, enough for 3 passes.
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We also tried the Ogallala Bay Rum stick. I used it on my legs and they felt soft all day! Will save me on lotion! :eek:) The scent is more of a manly scent, though. I'm going to have to go shopping for another fragrance for me, but Steve loved this stuff and has asked for more; I'm off to go shopping at ShavingEssentials for more! I loved the convenience and the hardy lather. I used one of those nylon puff balls with the soap and it lathered up really nice. We're absolutely sold on it. Many thanks to John for suggesting it! It's really good stuff.
I'm new on this board and new to DE shaving. I used the Col. Conk soap first and before I ran out, I thought I'd try a soap stick. I have to say that I like it much better than the cake soap.

I wet my face and every other day I use a face scrub, rinse my face off and wet my face again. I go over my face once with the stick and use my brush to lather my face. I can lather my face from the brush 3 times. I think the stick is convient and easy to use. I have the Bay rum scent and enjoy the scent. The clear container lets you see how much you have left and obviously it travels easily. I would recommend this for people looking for a change or who travel a lot.

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