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No. 32 Fountain Pen

Pros: A beautiful, light and blanced black pen with excellent trim given its age!
Cons: Plastic Body
Upon arriving from Germany (and me being a total FP noob that I am, I'll attempt to write a review of this pen), this is a beautiful black pen, the trim is excellent given its age (circa 1960’s), and it feels ‘just right’ in my hand…a perfect balance. The nib (M), is the standard 585 gold, body is plastic (screw-on cap...awesome), and the piston mechanism appears to move smoothly. :a14:
Upon filling with blue-black Noodler's Ellis Island Ink, (I received as a PIF from member ‘dgreene120’ a.k.a., David…thanx my friend), the piston worked as I thought it would and smoothly ‘suctioned’ the ink smoothly into the reservoir.
After gently wiping the nib dry with a tissue, I proceeded to “Write On”!
Starting with standard printing paper, the ink flow is smooth (a tad bit ‘springy’ which I like), with no skips in the nib (or any other FP writing issues for such as 'flooding, poor starting and/or blotting'). Even when applying slight pressure to write symbols, this pen writes simply lovely
and smooth. :love-struck:
I will say, it’s a joy to write again (within my health constraints...I'm not much of a writer, but I hope to change that), and in short this pen is a ‘keeper’ and will become my ‘go-to’ fountain pen! :thumbsup:
"Soulmakers for [over] 100 Years". MB slogan
:syn: "Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go". E.L. Doctorow
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