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GL Pease Navigator Flake is a pipe tobacco made from red virginia and dark fired kentucky tobaccos. The virginia gives body to the smoke with a mellow sweetness, while the kentucky provides an earthy boldness to the flavor.

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Pros: Mild flavor, medium body, slow burn
Cons: Strong nicotine
After a nice breakfast this morning i sat down to try out GL Peases' Navigator flake and thought id share my thoughts.

Upon opening the tin I am hit with a rich earthiness, and a smokiness not unlike a cold smoked brisket. Quite nice but a tad strong smelling. The LOTH did not like the tin note.

I let it dry about 15 minutes, as it was a bit too moist to smoke. I then loading it via the Fold N' Stuff method in a nice estate 12 tree briar tomato pipe. Its worth noting the bowl of this pipe is deeper than it is wide. The charring light brought a strong pepperiness and a rich earthy sweetness. It was a very strong but complex flavor, maybe too strong for my tastes. the true light thankfully mellowed out the flavors quite a bit into medium bodied smoke, with a more mild flavor. I got some notes of bitter coffee, like coffee and chicory, along with some more peppery smokiness and a background sweetness that popped up from time to time. A very enjoyable smoke, but the nicotine was a bit on the strong side for me. Not an early morning smoke if you arent a heavy smoker, but would probably be nice in the afternoon after some barbeque. A good cup of coffee would be a great accompaniment to it.

Id definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a richer bodied smoke with a milder flavor. Im sure it will greatly improve over time.
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