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I was looking primarily for the Body Wash and wanted to pick up a few extra items to make the order worthwhile. I had been using Redken creme to hold my hair but it had some shortcomings that it took me awhile to figure out. I wear black shirts from time to time and I noticed a ridiculous amount of flaking where there never used to be any. Since the squash burns during the summer months, I figured it was just sunburn flaking. Well, with the end of the season it still occurred, I realized that it was the Redken drying and flaking.

Since I didn't want to look like a walking skin problem, I started looking for an alternative. This NB product is OUTSTANDING. It makes my hair look incredible. Nice scent that diminishes quickly and a little goes a long way. Nice easy container to keep out of the way. I wish I had a full head of hair because damn I'd look good. It highlights the remaining browns and grays and really makes my hair standout.

Some of the rating points in the scale aren't applicable, but I wanted to give the product it's props so I gave 10's. Additionally I ordered the Ultramarine Night Creme which is also great as well as the Invigorating Body Wash. 2 more reviews to follow in the future as both products are very good.

The final thing worth mentioning though; they included free a nice sized sample of the NB Hand Creme as well as a spray bottle of the Hearth Scented room spray. 2 more great products I have to say. And if that wasn't enough.....I mention I wanted to buy a scrubbing sponge but didn't see one, so sure enough, one was included in the box at no charge, totally gratis. Nice, nice, nice......

(My wife thinks I am odd ordering from a place called Nancy Boy, but she recognizes the quality and enjoys telling our friends that I did)


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Great overall product. In my rotation and used when my hair is at certain lengths. The smell is confusing: Is it the signature scent (lavender, rosemary and peppermint) or is it lanolin? The ‘chromatic’ effect is the best benefit of the product…makes your hair look healthy, and vibrant but not in an unnatural way. The single greatest advantage is the quality, mostly natural ingredients. This stuff will last you forever!
I've been reluctant to try anything like this (just a weird vibe, putting creme or pomade on) but dry winter weather makes my hair look like that physics experiment with a Van de Graf generator. This stuff works - but be restrained: a little bit adds control that is flexible, not fixed. Too much, and I look like an extra from O Brother Where Art Thou - as a colleague unkindly pointed out the first day I tried it.

Plus, my cat likes it. He tries to eat my hair when he can reach it. I must smell like a sheep (not that that lasts)
Fantastic stuff. It really performs as desribed on the NB product page. A little goes a long way, so the value is very good. I have salt and pepper hair and this creme really highlights both and provides a nice shine. It also gives a very soft feeling to the hair. While not greasy per se, it does cause a slight heaviness. This is the trade off against a gel which can cause a hardness/brittleness in order to provide hold. Highly recommended.
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