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Nancy Boy Active Deodorant Signature Scent

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I'm a big fan of Nancy Boy's products, especially their signature scent line - a clean refreshing mix of Rosemary, Lavender & Peppermint. This deodorant requires just two spritzes under each pit to carry the day. It's a little pricy at $14, but I got it as a freebie so I ain't gonna complain (sign up to be part of the Nancy Boy Club and get 15% off, so that can help cut down on the cost). Needless to say I will be reording once I go through this. I gave 'em a 10 for Packaging since I like their clean and simple design, as long as it keeps the prices down they could use crayons to label their products:em2300:.

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Price: This is probably the only downside to this deodorant. However, I haven't had it for very long so I don't know how long it will last. I think that because you only use 2 squirts per side, it might last a long time, making the price ok. I use natural deodorant sticks that are about 6 bucks but they don't really last too long.

Quality: Absolutely perfect. This stuff gets the job done, and keeps on working throughout the day.

Scent: For those of you who like Nancy Boy, you'll know what I mean. Signature Scent from NB is just plain awesome. Refreshing, invigorating, calming, clean... etc. Be careful in how much of this stuff you use. It's very powerful and could interfere with cologne if you use too much.

Efficacy: You can get exactly what you want from this stuff, very easily. 1, 2, or 3 squirts, whatever works for you.

Packaging. Simple, and practical, just the way I like it.

Note: As said before, this stuff is VERY cooling. It's almost like the feeling of Osage Rub on a freshly shaved face. Now at first, I didn't like this, as it surprised me. But I started liking it pretty quick. I like to think of it as the liquid working its way into my sweat glands?:lol:

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This came as a free gift on my last Nancy Boy purchase. I did not like the scent at first, but it did grow on me. I find it fairly effective, as long as its not 115 outside, which is just asking too much for a product without aluminum. The one caveat is that the scent is VERY stong, and it will not matter what aftershave or Edt you are wearing, this will overpower it. I'm just lucky that my wife likes the scent.
I tried this when it first came out. I liked the strong cooling effect on initial application. The scent didn't sit too well with me, like another reviewer mentioned, candy-canish would be a good description. It worked pretty well, towards the end of the day it would start to give out and not be as effective. The main problem for me was after a month of daily use I developed a nasty rash from this and had to quit using it.

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