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My Time Bath and Body ROSE

My time bath and Body cream is made by a member here at B&B named Jean . I will say the cream scent was incredible Compared to other rose scented soaps that I have Cyrill's and QED I would have to put it above QED but just below Cyrill's in terms of scent .

The Set up I used was one that I use when ever I try a new soap or cream

Merkur HD
Fresh Derby blade
AOS #3 brush
And of course my cereal bowl that I have turned into a mixing bowl

Pre shave
nice hot shower
face scrub
hot towel treatment

This is was my first time using any My Time bath and Body product .
I must say I was very impressed on how fast the lather was made did not take more then 20-25 seconds before I was ready to go .

When I first lathered up it felt great on my skin and the whole bathroom smelled of the soap . I pick up my HD and start the shave to see that the cream really was not that slick and almost made my HD skip on my face now remember this is a new blade so I was pretty sure that was not the problem just to double check before the second pass I changed blade just in case it was a bad blade (it happens every now and then).
I re lather and start my second pass still felt like the cream was not slick enough for the shave .

Overall I can say i had a very good shave just wish that this cream was a bit more slick .

Also I should state that I purposely did not shave for 2 days so I can have a fresh face for this review .

Gents I would recommend trying this cream for the price it is a very good cream and if you like rose scented soaps/creams as much as I do I am sure you will love the scent of My Time bath and Body Rose .

Gents I will try to use this for my next few shaves .

I used it with last nights shave and must say that all of what i said in my previous post did not change got a bit of irritation and had to cut the shave in half but a very passable shave . I will be skipping todays shave so that my face can recover and get posting on this one again tomorrow . I can not say that this is the creams fault as of yet maybe I just have not yet found this creams sweet spot . I really hope the problem is my lather and not the cream this stuff has one of the best scents . I may need to buy some Glycerin and try adding it to my lather before I can make a final judgment.

Gents you can place your order here


Ok guys I have used this cream again .

Jean from My time bath and Body sent me some glycerin to see if that was the problem I added 2 drops of glycerin to my lather and what a difference it was incredible . the whole shaving experience was completely different . This is by far one of my new favorites . I have been meaning to post this for a couple of days now but it kept slipping my mind .

I have a few more of her products that I will be testing out within the next few days so look out for those reviews .

Jean your cream is great keep up the good work


Ok gents this is the last I will be adding to this review.

I have been using this cream for the past few days . i have spoken to Jean from my time with her help I found out that adding 2 drops of glycerin to the lather makes for a great shave . I strongly recommend trying her creams I am sure she has made the changes in her recipe's . The scent of her cream is great and I will be reviewing some more of her soaps very soon

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