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My Time Bath And Body G.I.T. Shave Cream Soap

I picked up three tubs of different fragrances of this new (to me) vendor's product and gave one a try this morning.

Initial impression:

Upon opening, the cream has a light cake icing consistency and a muddy brown color. The scent is assertive, but not confrontational and is very similar to Creed GIT.

She included a couple of samples of other creams and some "sniffies" which are cotton swabs carrying different scents. These are nice, but you need to separate them into different rooms to get a good whiff of the scent.


I used a Vulfix #2233 in Super. The brush had been in my sink soaking in hot water. I shook it out fairly well (I like to add water as needed to the lather bowl) took a goodly amount off the inside of the lid and began to swirl in the warm 4" Coors Mortar I use for a lather bowl. It took very little swirling before the lather exploded into a very thick whipped cream consistency. I did not need to add additional water. It transferred to my face and continued to make a nice slick aplication.

Cushion and Lubricity:

Quite good. The razor left no irritation or burn in a 3 pass shave. I re-wet my face and re-lathered between passes.

All in all a very nice tallow based cream with silk. The price is a little high for a cottage shop, but the product is very good. Another small supplier with some very interesting scents. I am rapidly running out of room in the Shave Den for any more products, and I keep finding more "stuff" I like and want some of.


I will be buying more from Jean at My Time Bath and Body.
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