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My Time Bath and Body Black Pepper

I received a tub PIF'd from another member, and its been a great find. Other My Time products have been reviewed here, and this one is similar in its consistency: much harder than typical creams, but much softer than a soap. Lathering can be tricky as its very easy to add too much water to the mix. Face lathering helps a lot, although I still occasionally get it too thin.

Once the lather is worked up though, the performance is great. Both of my typical setups (Long-Handled Classic w/Derby, slant w/Israeli Platinum) glide easily. I can get to BBS in three passes with little irritation. I can see the smell being too strong for some people, but its the right kind of thing to wake me up in the morning. The scent doesn't last long, so it won't overpower any AS/EDC you use, but it's a great start to the day.
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