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My Cohiba Exquisto Review

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Construction: This cigar has no imperfections, quite a smooth rich, reddish brown wrapper with an oily sheen with no hard or soft spots. In a ‘nut shell’…a very well rolled cigar and a ‘work of art’.

Pre-Smoke: Very nice aroma and like with most other Cohiba cigars, you will be greeted with beautiful aromas each time you open your humidor. The aroma is soft and woody with a hint of roasted coffee bean. This cigar was a easy task to clip (which can be problematic with smaller cigars), with no problems with un-raveling or ripping of the wrapper. Lighting presented no problems either and did not start "tunneling" or "canoeing". In fact, the burn was very ‘even’ and the draw was quite easy from the fact this cigar was not too tightly rolled.

Smoking: When smoking this cigar, you will be pleasantly surprised by its smooth flavor. The combination of flavors is not very complex, due to its small ring gauge. Faint flavors of creamy cocoa and roasted coffee bean hit the palate first. This cigar has a medium body with hint of earthy and soft woody flavor and a hint of sweetness. This cigar does not overpower the senses at all. These flavors are more pronounced as you smoke this Seoane (small panatela), and did not become hot and/or harsh near the end. In addition, as you smoke this cigar you will be attracted by the flavor and amount of fragrant smoke, but you may wish this cigar were larger and able to display more complexity. Furthermore, the burn time was about 30-45 (depending on your smoking style), minutes of pure Cohiba bliss.

Conclusion: A very good and consistent Cohiba and perfect when paired with a cup of strong coffee and/or with a ‘snifter’ of fine Brandy or Cognac. From the triple fermenting and slight aging, the secret blending and the finest choices of the Cuban tobaccos, the Exquisito is an outstanding cigar for those desiring a rich, medium smoke in a Seoane format.

Enjoy!!! :biggrin1:

Christopher :badger:

" Those who Smoke Cohibas will never die of Cancer...but those who
don't...will die of Envy". Cuban Cigar Slogan

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