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My Cohiba (Cuban) Coronas Especiales Cigar Reveiw

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Presentation : The Corona Especiales is simply the best Panatela ever made. This cigar is truly elegant and simply represents a classic Havana.

Appearance & Construction: The dark chocolate brown Colorado silky smooth wrapper is firm with no really soft spots out of the ordinary. The Cohiba world famous triple cap is a nice touch as well. To briefly sum up, this is one great looking cigar with a nice firm feel.

Pre-light: Being one of the most pleasant of the Cohiba ‘Classic Line Series’, the first thing you notice are the fresh, grassy, earth aromas, before lighting.

Flavor: I don't think I've ever smoked a "perfect" cigar but this was pretty close. This cigar is medium bodied and mild strength and has lots of complex flavors including espresso and chocolate. This cigar is nice with a hint of spice, just as you'd expect from a Cohiba.

Smoking Characteristics: The cigar lit easily and burned very even. It had a nice lush draw (unusually so for a Panatela of this size) that produced volumes of smoke and the aroma is first class. The mild, medium-bodied cigar has an easy draw and the toasty notes add to the creaminess of this cigar. Halfway through the smoke there are wood and leather notes which develop and then give way to dry earth aromas. The second third is marked by a slight woody / cedar spiciness

Burning: Dark honey notes with a gentle earthiness with a even burn with no ‘tunneling’ either.

Final: The finish is smooth, very aromatic, and its memory lingers for a while. The cigar smokes cool yet has warmth to it, and burns slowly, providing a dark gray ash.

Overall Impression: This cigar was truly a smoking experience and if you're looking for a classic Cuban that will leave you in cigar heaven…then this is your Havana cigar.

Enjoy!!! :biggrin1:

Christopher :badger:

" Those who Smoke Cohibas will never die of Cancer...but those who
don't...will die of Envy". Cuban Cigar Slogan

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