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Glass jar packaging--and exposure to light, air, and fingers required to "get at" the product--nearly spoils this moisturizer, another almost all-natural product from Neutrogena. "Almost all-natural" means 97% of ingredients are naturally derived.

From Neutrogena: Nourishes skin with vitamins B, C, E and anti-oxidant omega bionutrients. This moisturizing cream is clinically proven to boost skin’s defense against dullness and roughness, leaving it naturally radiant, healthier and younger looking today and in the future.

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Pros: light, absorbs quickly, pleasant fragrance
This rich cream feels good on the face, leaving it soft and moisturized. There's no heavy feeling left on the face after application. Just a few dabs are needed to moisturize the face throughout the night. It has a pleasant tropical (pineapple & sweet orange) scent with a hint of additional citrus; the glass jar contains 1.7 ounces of product. Allergy tested and will not clog pores. Not tested on animals. Contains no harsh chemicals, no sulfates, no parabens, no petrochemicals, no dyes, and no phthalates. Sustainable packaging. The packaging, however, is a major problem: it's in a glass jar, that gets exposed to your fingers, light, and air...all work to break down many of the anti-oxidant benefits of the product. The product looses major points for its attractive, yet unnecessary formula-spoiling packaging. I will be switching to a similar cream in a tube (providing superior protection from the above-mentioned eroding factors) in the Neutrogena Naturals line.
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