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Mullers Lane Farm - Juicy Orange Body Soap

This is another quality soap from Mullers Lane Farms. The bar is 4oz and well worth the $5 price for its moisturizing properties. The only issue I had is that unlike the eggnog soap, this soap did not have a scent that lasted beyond opening up the wrapper and exposing the soap to air. :blink: Even under warm and hot water there was no hint of scent that I could pick up which was disappointing on days when I could have used the pick-me-up in the morning.

However, this soap is very gentle and left my body feeling well protected whether I was going to be tossing an office environment or my home environment at it. A silk smooth non-greasy feeling was present for a couple of hours after use.

While this is a quality product, I personally will not be placing it into my soap rotation at the present time.


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